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The Dayeng Foundation's Science Center is an association of nearly 300 international scientists and physicians. We do research together, regardless of religion, skin color, race, political convictions and, above all, independent of interest groups. We do research for the people, we do not research for industries!

Has your doctor already researched something himself? Of course not, your doctor almost always prescribes you pharmaceuticals, your doctor does not know the causes of your illness. But why do you go to this doctor?

Now that you have visited our website, you now know that there is another way. We are happy to treat you in our clinical center.

We welcome you to the websites of the international Dayeng Foundation

The Dayeng Foundation is an international association of many physicians and scientists. We do not research for interest groups, we research independently for the people.

Foreword by dr. mult. Johann Menser, chief physician of the Dayeng Clinic
Dear visitor,
I would like to ask you a question first: What do you think is a doctor, a god in white, who has only the benefit of the patent in mind?
I assume that you, too, no longer believe in God in white because after all there is no Santa Claus.

So what is a doctor today who works in a so-called health care system? First and foremost, it is a small business and clinics, hospitals, etc. just bigger companies. So it's all about earning profits, so the hospital manager is not a physician, but rather a numbers man. For this purpose, the Hippocratic Oath in Europe has now been abolished. Medical practices and other "medical" institutions may now officially refuse their help, if someone z. B. has no insurance or no money, or just like that. A high on this "health" system. So what is in the foreground? Definitely not the patient! I know what I'm talking about, because I'm from this system. It is only the Provit and that at all costs, or better especially for the price of the patient's health.
For this reason, the Dayeng Foundation is a non-profit organization, because only without profit thoughts can the full attention with the patient and his recovery be. Incidentally, this profit-thinking also affects all these many so-called alternative providers with their miracle drugs and miracle applications, unfortunately there are two sides of the same profit medal.
We, the doctors of the Dayeng Clinic, therefore do not have to make sure to carry out the most economical treatment for us in order to get as much profit as possible, because we do not generate any. We do not offer the most economical treatment, we offer the best treatment, the best for the patient.
Our treatments are the result of more than 30 years of intensive and independent research.
Now you decide what kind of treatment you want, one that guarantees the greatest possible benefits for the treatment center, or the treatment that best suits the patient. If you are interested in the latter, then you are welcome.

Dayeng Foundation 2001