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Independent, scientific research

The Dayeng Foundation mainly conducts cause research in the fields of biology, medicine, environment.

We provide institutions, physicians, organizations, certain ministries and others with current scientific results.

Anyone interested can contact the Dayeng Foundation. We pay particular attention to the causes of diseases today known as civilization diseases. Especially cancer, allergies, cardiovascular diseases and all autoimmune diseases are the content of our research.

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Unfortunately, today's scientific research is often determined by many interest groups and is therefore no longer neutral. This circumstance poses great dangers for the people, because in the foreground are certain, commercial interests. The Dayeng Foundation conducts research impartially and free of any interest groups. The results of our research therefore benefit mankind and, above all, the sick. Research has to create knowledge and not opinion, that is the original goal of research and we are committed to it.

The Dayeng Foundation is an association of hundreds of international scientists, medical scientists, biologists and other qualified people. Together we do research for the well-being of the people as it should be and not as it unfortunately is today.

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What is scientific research?

It originated a very long time ago, when people were still inquisitive and the urge to explore unfolded unhindered and unmolested by interest groups.

But that is completely different today. There is no more research to create knowledge, it is being researched, if this can even be described as research, to create opinion.

Different and, above all, powerful interest groups today have reduced research to absurdity, because it is not about finding truth in research, it is about delivering results that on the one hand do not endanger these big industries and on the other hand deliver manipulated results to guarantee these industries further unbridled profits. It is handled very unscrupulously, unpleasant scientists who relatively independent research and achieve results that certain interest groups do not want are hushed up, they are ridiculed or even threatened. Research today is tough business, supported by the big media belonging to these interest groups.

That's why independent, true research is hardly possible anymore because research is expensive and nobody supports independent research if it puts their own goals at risk.

All of today's textbooks in schools and those in universities are influenced by these interest groups because it's not about the truth, it's about profits, and it's about huge profits. So if people are provided with truths, then it jeopardizes those profits. Pupils and students do not learn what they want to learn, they learn what they should learn.

Do not believe anything written in today's textbooks, it's all manipulated!

We, the scientists and doctors of the Dayeng Foundation, do research independently and we do not let ourselves be bought by any industry or any interest group! We leave it to you whom you trust, we can only point out the differences. Our research results are available to you, whether you decide to use these you decide yourself.

An example of how dependent research is shaped by manipulation.

Everyone knows the currently very much discussed topic vaccinations. There are countless advocates and there is an increasing number of vaccination opponents.

But what is the truth? The countless advocates of vaccinations believe what they are told, but they know nothing. These advocates do not know the biological facts, the proponents accept the statements of the media unchecked.

Therefore we would like to explain the facts soberly scientifically.

The official version about the discovery of a virus: "In influenza (influenza) in 1890 Pfeiffer adopted the bacterium Haemophilus influenzae. It was not until 1933 that Smith, Andrewes and Laidlaw were able to isolate the first influenza viruses (influenza A) in England. "

Unfortunately a lie, both Pfeiffer and later the British Smith, Andrewes and Laidlaw had no virus isolated and presented to the public. It was just a theory. To date, no one has been able to isolate and demonstrate a single virus. How can that be? Viruses are very, very small, at least that says the general lesson.

The viruses should be so small that they can not be visualized with a microscope. But the dependent science has led itself, with a statement, ad absurdum and now no longer comes out of this dilemma. It is said in the textbooks that a virus is a non-living, this non-living possesses neither a nucleus nor a cell metabolism. On the other hand, the textbooks say that a virus produces a protein that then gets into our cells. This virus protein should then bring the genes of the virus into our cells. Do you recognize the paradox of this statement? A non-living without cell nucleus and without metabolism can of course produce no protein and even genes can not own it, because they are in the nucleus, but a virus should indeed have no cell nucleus. What's going on here? A gigantic scientific nonsense with the aim to do big business with the myth virus.

Now, with the help of the World Health Organization, which incidentally is funded by the pharmaceutical industry, another nonsense can be realized profitably, namely the so-called vaccinations. The basic idea of vaccinations was as follows: weakened or dead pathogens should be introduced into the human organism, so that our immune cells remember them, so to speak, to be prepared for a real infection. Unfortunately, at the time of this idea, too little attention was paid to the immune system. In fact, everything in our organism has to do with codes. So if you put weak or even dead pathogens into the organism, our immune cells can not recognize them as what they are, the code is missing. Therefore, the pathogens are only recognized as neutral foreign bodies and isolated and discharged. So the idea of vaccination has turned out to be nonsense, it does not work. But what works is the cell load of the foreign substances that are in the Impfseren. That's why around 20 million children worldwide die each year as a result of these vaccinations.

An example: A vaccine against the so-called flu injects several chemical substances and other substances such as aluminum. This not only weakens the immune system, it is literally attacked. We have done a lot of studies showing that people who were vaccinated against the flu then got sick because the immune system was artificially weakened. Another biological fact: vaccines are always injected into the muscle, but in muscle the immune system can not work effectively, so the toxins it contains can not be broken down well. That's wanted. This also applies to all other vaccinations.

However, how well this manipulated, and above all false, research works is proven by the fact that most people reject the demonstrable facts written here and prefer to believe the unproven assertions of manipulated research. What do you think? You should not believe in anything, because science has nothing to do with belief, you should better scrutinize everything, collect comprehensible and logical facts and always be skeptical. Ask yourself first: Who benefits from something? Then you come close to the truth.

But most people are too comfortable to research and think, so the false, manipulated science will always be at an advantage, and the industries that pay for it will continue to generate unimaginable profits, to the detriment of people.